Statutory health insurance

All people with a residence in Germany have to be health insured. Health insurance is provided
by two different systems: statutory and private health insurance.

Versicherungen in Deutschland

Why is health insurance that essential?

Having health insurance is a legal requirement if you are living in Germany. Through the years, a dual system of statutory and private health insurance has been established. Most people are insured in the statutory health insurance, which is also related to the fact that a large part of the population is „compulsorily insured“. One speaks of „compulsorily insured“ as soon as one is an employee and the annual income does not exceed € 64,350 per year.

Statutory health insurance works according to the solidarity principle. Every employee pays a part of their monthly income and, regardless of the amount they contribute, everyone is entitled to the same health care. Children and non-working partners can be included in the working person’s health insurance free of any charge.

In some cases, large additional payments can be expected for treatments, for which there are
special additional options, such as supplementary dental insurance.

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