Household insurance

Whether you live in a house or an apartment: everything that’s important for you is located within your own or rented four walls. Therefore, it must also be well insured.


Why is household insurance that important?

If one of these events damages or destroys your household goods, the insurance takes care of the replacement price at the original value, covers the repair costs or pays for the reduction invalue. Further costs such as hotel accommodation, disposal and much more are covered by the insurance in case of specific damage events. The total amount insured is made up of the original value of all household items. Should the insurance amount be lower than the existing values, there may be deductions in the refund in case of damage. This can be avoided by depositing a lump sum of €650 in original value per square meter of living space. This value corresponds to an average German household (75m2 of living space -> €48,750 insuranceamount). If your furniture is of higher value, the amount can also be increased.

These are your options:

All your furnishings, clothes, electronic devices, jewellery etc. can be insured against the following risks and events with household insurance:

  • Fire
  • Lightning, explosion and implosion
  • Tap water
  • Storm/hail
  • Burglary/robbery

Optionally, you can also include additional risks in your insurance cover:

  • Further natural risks such as backwater in water pipes, flooding, heavy rainfall
  • Glass damage
  • Bike theft


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