Personal liability insurance

A brief moment of carelessness and the misfortune has already happened. But no worries, this is exactly what personal liability insurance is for.


Why is personal liability insurance so essential?

Anyone who causes damage out of carelessness or recklessness has to pay for it with their current or future assets. This does not only apply to minor damage such as red wine stain on the carpet, but also to serious accidents and destroyed buildings.

Small animals are included in the basic cover. Dogs, for example, have to be included

You can take out a five-year or one-year contract. In comparison, the 5-year contract is 10 % cheaper. As long as you do not cancel the contract, it is constantly extended for one more year. If you leave Germany again, the contract will be terminated at the time of deregistration and any excess amounts will be paid back.

What is covered with this insurance?

Whether you are at home, traveling or enjoying your leisure time: you are covered at all times and worldwide. When visiting friends, family or your neighbours.

  • Doing sports and your leisure activities
  • With children
  • On holiday
  • As a pedestric or cyclist in traffic
  • At work

According to the German law you are liable for any damage that you have caused to someone on purpose.

In summary: all damages to third parties are covered by the personal liability insurance, as long as they were not committed intentionally.

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