Deer accident – what to do?


The dark season has arrived. We are on the road by car at dusk or in the dark, listening to music and driving to our destination. Nothing unusual, actually. But suddenly you see three wild animals passing the road in the distance.
Cars collide with wild animals around 800 times a day in Germany. What can you do to prevent an accident from happening? And what should you do if it does happen?

Rules to avoid an accident:

  • Always drive carefully especially on country roads
  • Be attentive in the morning and evening
  • Always be ready to brake
  • Dimming the high beam when an animal is on the road
  • Honking to drive the animal away
  • Watch out. Wild animals are usually in a pack

If an accident happened, proceed as follows:

  • Secure the place of the accident
  • Switch on the warning lights
  • Put on your safety waistcoat
  • Set up a warning triangle
  • Call the police – phone number 110
  • In case of injured persons – call also 112

Do not take the animal with you, because poaching is a punishable offence. And if the animal is only injured, do not follow it. In the accident report, state the direction of flight so that the hunter can find the injured animal more easily.

In the event of a wildlife accident, you must inform the authorities, as they will contact the hunter. You will receive a animal damage certificate for submission to your car insurance.

A deer accident means no sentence or additional costs for you if you do not commit a hit-and-run.

Which insurance pays for the damage?

Your partial cover insurance will cover the damage to your car caused by the deer accident, depending on the policy and minus your excess.

If you swerve to avoid the animal and cause damage to your own car, you can count on your fully comprehensive insurance. However, you should avoid swerving to avoid endangering yourself and other road users.