Private health insurance

In Germany, health insurance is compulsory. Self-employed workers or employees with an annual income exceeding € 64,350 can also take out private health insurance. Most times, the
contribution is much lower and has more attractive benefits.


What are the benefits of private health insurance?

With statutory health insurance, the monthly contributions mostly depend on the income. As an employee with an income of more than € 58,050 per year you pay the maximum contribution. From an annual income of € 64,350, you have the option of switching to private health insurance. The contribution in private health insurance depends on the scope of services, the age of entry and your personal risk of illness and invalidity. Health questions must be answered and, unlike with statutory health insurance, there is no obligation to take out a contract. Basically, private health insurance offers enhanced services at a lower price, as long you are healthy and join at an age that is not too high. 

However, each situation should be considered individually, especially with regard to family planning and contributions in advanced age. Contact us with your request and together we will discuss which solution is best for you.