Statutory health insurance

All people with a residence in Germany have to be health insured. Health insurance is provided
by two different systems: statutory and private health insurance.

Versicherungen in Deutschland

Why is health insurance that essential?

Having health insurance is a legal requirement if you are living in Germany. Through the years, a dual system of statutory and private health insurance has been established. Most people are insured in the statutory health insurance, which is also related to the fact that a large part of the population is „compulsorily insured“. One speaks of „compulsorily insured“ as soon as one is an employee and the annual income does not exceed € 64,350 per year. Statutory health insurance works according to the solidarity principle. Every employee pays a part of their monthly income and, regardless of the amount they contribute, everyone is entitled to the same health care. Children and non-working partners can be included in the working person’s health insurance free of any charge.